What are the benefits and concerns with a cedar shake roof?

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Cedar shakes are a type of roofing that can be installed to create an attractive and rustic appearance for any home. Cedar shakes look beautiful when they are first installed and have the unique benefit of gaining even more character as they age naturally on the home.

In comparison to cedar shingles and other common types of roofing, shakes are relatively thicker and irregularly cut. This creates an attractive rustic appearance, but also requires more attention and experience to successfully install. The irregularities in cedar shakes can cause gaps, which need to be properly accounted for during installation.

Cedar shakes have additional maintenance requirements over most other types of roofing. This includes regular removal of debris to inhibit the growth of fungus, which can compromise the structure of the cedar.

A cedar shake roof is an excellent investment that requires a bit more maintenance than other roofing. With the proper maintenance, a cedar shake roof will provide long term protection for the home with a truly rustic look that improves with age.
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What Is Cedar Shake?

Most homeowners are not familiar with the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shake. Cedar shingles are similar to other types of shingles in that they are uniformly cut to be a specific size and thickness. Cedar shake is not; it can vary in both size and thickness, which helps to create the unique, old fashioned look that cedar shake roofs are known for. In addition to the beauty and authentic rustic look that a cedar shake roof brings to the home, the natural insulation properties of wood will help protect against heat loss.
Cedar shake is one of the most environmentally friendly types of roofing available. It is a natural product that is harvested from a renewable resource. Since cedar shakes are not uniformly produced, they require less manufacturing processes to achieve the desired shape and size which serves to further minimize the carbon footprint. They are also biodegradable.

Maintenance Requirements of Cedar Shake

In order to maximize the lifespan of a cedar shake roof, regular maintenance is required. Regular maintenance requirements include clearing the roof of debris on a regular basis to keep moisture from accumulating on the roof. Wood is organic and it is susceptible to fungus growth if it is not allowed to dry properly after being subjected to precipitation. Any growth of moss or discoloration of the shake is a sign that the roof is not drying properly.
For homeowners looking for the lowest maintenance roofing available today, cedar shake is not a good option. For others who love the look of cedar shake and accept the maintenance requirements that this roofing material entails, a cedar shake roof will provide a long lasting and attractive roofing solution. 


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